Mar Borboa


Co-creator, Producer, Writer, Director, and Editor (also the occassional extra), Mar’s driving passion and grit navigated the entire cast and crew through every stage of production. This Mexican-native would often be found having to be forcibly restrained from doing every single job one could possible do on a film set, and loving every minute of it. Now a member of the team at WTFN in Melbourne, Mar won't be slowing down anytime soon.

Simon Gilberg


Now based in Montreal, focusing on writing and directing short films and music videos, Simon's eclectic and diverse work includes everything from macro epics on craft beer to murderous mockumentaries. Directing three, co-directing one, and cameoing in two episodes, Simon worked very closely with the producers to realise the sunny Melburnian sharehouse that became a second home for the cast & crew.

Moses Muldoon


Most DPs aren't skilled in Kung Fu, but then most DPs aren't Moses. An avid photographer and videographer with a love for all things big (especially if that something big is projected in IMAX), Moses went small with his approach to The Happiness Curve. Shooting largely in natural light, and using practical lamps, with a tiny Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera in a style not far off the old-school 16mm indie films of the past.

Ellen Tsaganas


An award-winning line-ruler (just trust us ok, it's a thing) and voice of reason on set, Ellen is rarely seen without her enormous clipboard, noting down takes, crossing off shots, and keeping tabs on continuity. Not limiting herself to work on set, Ellen also co-manages social media, and working closely with Mar and Katrina, keeps the show on track long after the cast and crew go home.


Neha badiger


Being in charge of capturing both the chaos, and magic of any production is a huge responsibility. Lucky for us, Neha was more than up for the task. Not only did she helped us by taking snaps during shoots and rehearsals, but this talented animator also created the title sequence for the series.


Billy Rosenich


Taking time out of his busy schedule as an Editor/Production Assistant at LateNightMedia, Billy edited the entirety of Episode One and also logged, synced and organised footage and audio for the entire series, making postproduction a breeze to complete.

Ash Mortimer


Co-creator, Producer, Writer, die-hard Shaun Micallef and Thomas the Tank Engine fan, and writer of Clayton The Obvious, Ash can be exclusively blamed for every terrible pun in the show.  With his love of hilarious one-liners and witty puns, Ash brought his desire to create comedy and portray the lives of ordinary people (see: The Castle) together to create something that is distinctly Australian in all its self-disparaging glory.

Robert Fantozzi


A lover of all things cinema (especially Scorsese), Robert's diverse influences make this cinephile a walking film encyclopaedia.  He prefers to keep his camera moving, and his shots numerous and varied. Robert brings his ambitious vision to the final episode, topping off the season with a distinct and creative style all his own. Currently completing his latest short, Dr. Weird, expect to see a lot more from this up and coming director.

Brendan Peterson


Usually hidden under a pile of jackets in the backseat of a car, or tucked inside a tiny shower, Brendan is never seen, but his work is sure heard loud and clear. Keep an eye out for his cameo as several TV voices. Staying cool in even the most challenging conditions (try thirty second takes in between planes flying overhead at the airport), Brendan is an enigma wrapped inside numerous fashionable scarfs and beanies.

Katrina Minchenko


All those great updates you get from The Happiness Curve don't just come from nowhere. Katrina was there long before production started, and isn't going anywhere anytime soon. Making filter choices that would impress even the savviest of Instagramers, Katrina is always making sure you don't miss a thing. So make her day, and throw some likes and shares our way!


Alex Zemtsov


Regularly seen with an enormous monstrosity he claims is a camera on his shoulders, Alex is full-time freelance videographer and DP. Working with clients such as Victoria Police and Mercedes Benz, his help with lighting on set and invaluable technical expertise as a colourist gave our series its signature, sunny warmth.