The Happiness Curve is an award-winning Melbourne-made comedy web series about navigating the absurdities that come with becoming an adult.

There is a theory that states life satisfaction can be plotted as a U-shaped path. According to this, the golden days of a person's life happen during their 20s, and their 60s. This is known as the "happiness curve"

Follow Sam, Max, Hannah and Brian - four underachieving twenty-somethings - as they attempt to survive the so-called best years of their lives.

Winner: Outstanding Ensemble Cast LA Webfest 2016
Also nominated for Outstanding Writing and Outstanding Comedy Series


Mindy Fyfe
Laura Vine
Tass Labra
Ajay Banks


Directed by

Simon Gilberg,
Mar Borboa &
Robert Fantozzi


Written by

Ash Mortimer
Mar Borboa


(Mindy Fyfe)

Sam is the lone (and frequently-ignored) voice of reason in the house. She merely wishes to finally escape the limbo she finds herself in - between university and a real job. But Sam's hopes for a smooth and quiet transition are constantly threatened by her quirky housemates.


(Ajay Banks)

Brian is the neurotic, yet adorkable punching-bag of the house. His friends would abandon him in the pouring rain if it meant getting home in time to watch their favorite TV show, and yet, they still love him (not that any of them would ever admit to that).


(Laura Vine)

Over-the top and free-spirited,Hannah, is as energetic as she is self-centered. This pocket-rocket of a girl has trouble settling her mind on anything. One week she will want to become a world-renowned artist, and the next she'll dream of being a professional human canon-ball..


(Tass Labra)

Max is Hannah's cousin, but he hails from the fictional country town of Wandarat. Things always seem to work out for this easy-going guy. Max comes from a simpler place. So, don't be surprised if he gets excited about something like finding a new radio station.